Find Your Perfect Short Term Luxury Home Rental in Naples, FL!

Elevate Your Vacation with Coastal Florida Rentals!

Whether you're staying for a month, or the season, when you choose Coastal Florida Rentals you can rest assured that you'll enjoy a stress-free trip to Naples, Florida, with first-class customer service during your stay in one of our awe-inspiring short-term luxury home rentals.

These are no typical vacation homes. When you choose to stay with CFR you'll enjoy stocked homes with all the essentials, sparkling pools and relaxing spas, chef's kitchens, and the best locations minutes to Naples Beach, Downtown Naples, or the famous 5th Avenue South district.

Elevate your vacation by choosing Coastal Florida Rentals for your next trip to warmer climates.

How to Book with Coastal Florida Rentals

Booking a short-term luxury home rental in Naples, FL couldn't be easier with Coastal Florida Rentals!

To get started, you can either pick a specific home and generate an estimate, or you can contact us directly and we'll help you find the perfect home for your needs, based on availability. You can book from 1 month, all the way up to an annual rental!

Plug in your vacation dates, guest information, and any add-ons, such as pets, to the price estimator. You'll also have the opportunity to read our rental agreement ahead of time and acknowledge it.

We'll be notified of your submission and will reply with a formal quote for your approval. Once you approve your quote, we will email you your lease agreement specific to your stay to sign. Depending on how soon your stay begins, you'll have payment arrangements to follow, but other than that, we'll take care of everything for you!

Your house will be professionally cleaned before your stay, and all of our homes come furnished, including necessities like small appliances, kitchen utensils, towels, bed linens and more.

Check out our featured short-term luxury house rentals in Naples, FL below to get started!

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